Bathroom & Shower Renovation

Take pride in your bathroom, with remodelling, refitting and bathroom/shower replacement. Introducing luxury and efficiency into your bathroom.

Bathroom Replacement/Renovations


Looking to replace your existing bathroom? Put in a new bathroom or ensuite? Or remove and replace bathroom units? Budget Renovations can help you to create the ideal bathroom space for your home. Enhancing your bathroom can add significant value to your home, but it also can become costly. Budget Renovations will work within your budgetary requirements to build a bathroom space of exceptional quality that keeps its appeal for many years to come.

Our team will help you consider all aspects of a bathroom renovation, including flooring, design, tapware, and more, so your dream bathroom can become a reality. 


Shower Replacement

Budget Renovation has a specialist team ready to help with your shower installation and the removal of the old shower. There can be a range of diagnostic issues with showers, from leaky showers to skirting swelling. If you wish to repair your current shower our professionals can assess the scope of work and repair a range of shower issues. We will also help to remove and replace a shower of and evaluate potential risks or water damage that may have occurred from the old shower.

A shabby DIY job may cost you more.. Leave shower repair and replacement to the professionals! 

Budget Renovation will help to keep the cost down while replacing or repairing your shower effectively and to a high level of workmanship.


What can Budget Renovation do for your bathroom?

Bathroom Remodelling & Renovation

Tired of your old or existing bathroom and ready for a face lift? Our home improvement specialists have you sorted. We will accommodate your budget and have a new bathroom installed, exceeding expectations! 


Bathroom Fan Installation & Repair

Keep your bathroom aerated and free from mould with high-quality bathroom fans. Create a cleaner space for you, your family or for your rental home. We can recommend and install a bathroom fan for your home. 


Vanity and Bathroom Mirror Install

If improving your bathroom space means upgrading your bathroom vanity, we can help you. Our expert team will help to choose and install the right vanity and bathroom mirror for your desired space. That could be adding one to an existing bathroom or improving your independent toilet space by including a basin. 


Plumbing Solutions

We have an expert team of plumbers and contractors that can help you with your plumbing needs. If you have started a renovation on your bathroom, or know you need a plumbing upgrade talk to our team for expert assistance. 


Shower Door Installation or Repair

Broken shower door? No worries, no renovation job is too small for Budget Renovations. We will assist you with the repair or replacement of your shower door.


Is your bathroom in need of some improvement? Talk to the team at Budget Renovation today!

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