Kitchen Renovation

Looking to revamp your kitchen? Our team will work with your budget to develop the right kitchen for you.

Kitchen Replacing and Renovation


Use only the experts for your upcoming kitchen renovation!


Budget Renovation has a quality team of renovation professionals, as well as high-level contractors ready to assist with your kitchen improvement. Our renovations team has helped transform kitchens, homes and investment properties across Auckland. From the design to the completion of your kitchen makeover.  If you are focused on kitchen renovations, make sure to chat with the team at Budget Renovations to see how we can help you to build your dream kitchen.


Our focus is on creating a high-quality kitchen that is practical for your unique needs and fits within your budget. We want to make your kitchen dreams a reality in your home. 


For many New Zealanders the kitchen is the vocal point of their home, with continuous use and many social events hosted in the space it is an important part of the home to consider renovating. However, a kitchen renovation is both one of the most valuable and costly renovations in the home. From cabinets to appliances, there are many details to consider when replacing your old kitchen. Budget Renovations can help you to create the ideal kitchen space for your home. Helping to incorporate details in your kitchen that are unique to your general use and luxury items you can enjoy. Renovation your kitchen space to be ideal for your home or investment property. 


Talk to us about design, removal of your existing kitchen and installation of a new kitchen so that you can get started on your dream renovation. We will help within a necessary budget and give you insight into how to make a costly kitchen makeover affordable for you. 


Refacing Your Kitchen

If you are already a fan of your existing kitchen, but it is starting to look a bit dated, Budget Renovations can help with a kitchen ‘facelift’. Our team can source the cupboard fronts, splashbacks, sinks, handles and more that are needed to assist with the revitalisation of an ageing kitchen. This is a great opportunity for clients that enjoy the layout of their existing kitchen, but want to modernise their look, or those that would like to add new products without removing a kitchen. 


The team at budget kitchens will give a pricing analysis on refacing your kitchen, and help to design with you a kitchen refacing that works within your budget. Our expert team are here to help with the installation of new joinery and any other details that may be necessary in the process. 


Subtle improvements can have significant benefits, so talk to our team about your kitchen refacing, to find out what works for your Auckland home. 


What can Budget Renovation do for your kitchen? 

●     Renovation Project Management

●     Kitchen Design and Pricing

●     Liaise with Kitchen Manufacturers

●     Appliance Pricing and Ordering

●     Kitchen Refacing

●     Schedule installation

●     Our team will install your kitchen

●     Plumbing and Electrical

●     Necessary building add-ons (wall removal etc.)


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