Need an outdoor feature that brings shade and class? We can help build the ultimate pergola or outdoor room for your property.

Pergola Building


Build your pergola and decking with Budget Renovation. We will come to your location to assist with renovations and outdoor landscaping, helping to install a pergola on your property. Whether that is adding a pergola to a deck, building a pergola that is connected to your home or a stand-alone pergola feature in your garden. Budget Renovation offers expert building and renovating assistance for homeowners and developers across Auckland. Large or small, we can help you create an outdoor feature space that enhances your garden landscaping and creates a relaxing area to socialise on your property. 


Pergolas are generally unroofed, framed structures that are commonly used as garden features. They can be built from scratch with expert builders, or our Budget Renovation team can help construct a kit-set or pre-build structure for your outdoor area. Pergolas can be freestanding structures placed as garden features, generally without the need for a permit.  They can also be built on decking or attached to the building.


Consult with the team at Budget Renovation about your pergola aspirations, placement and design. Start the process of building a quality, affordable outdoor product that will last for years to come. 


Pergolas in Auckland


Pergolas are an exquisite outdoor feature for Auckland homes, providing a feature for summer BBQs and bringing personality to your property. Talk to the team at Budget Renovation to discuss building a pergola for your Auckland-based location.


Custom Designed Pergola


With an expert team and highly skilled contractors, Budget Renovation can help to design and create a customised Pergola or outdoor room. A pergola can be used to create the ideal outdoor space for socialising. Some designs are created as an outdoor room that can incorporate music, heating and weather covering into the design. Building the ultimate atmospheric outdoor space for your property. Whatever your personalised taste our helpful team can assist with the design and building of your ideal pergola. 


Our team can also consult on surrounding features such as landscaping or bushes that may offer weather resistance or practice landscaping design for your long term property space. 


Pergola Materials


Choose from a range of great material options for the build of your pergola. Select from various timbers or aluminium to create a unique space, tailored to your design parameters and budget requirements. 


Kitset Designs


Budget Renovation will help to expertly build a pre-purchased kitset Pergola. Our team can help to landscape the surrounding area and build ideal flooring for your kitset feature. Creating an outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come!


Ready to build your new Pergola? Talk to the team at Budget Renovation today!

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