Laundry Renovation

Modernise your laundry space, create a more efficient and luxurious laundry with the team at Budget Renovation.

Laundry Renovation


Laundry Renovation can often be left as an afterthought in the renovation process, frequently placed as a utility space that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the home. Making your laundry a priority for home renovations can add great practicality to the livability of your home. If it is time to spruce up your laundry and create a practical, luxurious space in your home, make sure to talk to the team at budget renovations. Our expert renovation professionals have extensive experience turning laundries into modern, functional spaces for you to enjoy. Add joinery and redesign the space, consult, add appliances of your choice, and build a practical environment with storage potential and appliance accessibility. We will help you in the process of designing and rebuilding your new or improved laundry space. 


Storage Features


Many old or existing laundries need an upgrade in their storage capacity. Our team will help to redesign the storage space available making your laundry more practical for its intended use. If your family are high laundry users, if your laundry is an extension of your bathroom or if you have minimal space to work with, Budget Renovation can help to maximise your storage space. Our highly experienced team will work with you to create a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and practical storage environment in your laundry.


High Quality Laundry Fittings


Budget Renovation provides all our clients with high quality fixtures and fittings for every renovation or building project. Our team of renovation experts seek only the best products to work within our clients budget. If you are looking to maximise your laundry area with a quality renovation, make sure to talk to us about how we can design a laundry that works for you. Working with excellent contractors and resources for your laundry, you will be enjoying a new laundry with a practical design that suits you!


What services do we provide for you? 


Budget Renovation Auckland based renovation professionals will help you to redesign and renovate your existing laundry. We offer a design process with professionals who know and understand efficient renovation processes. From there we will assist with the removal and disposal of an existing laundry, and the rebuild of a new, improved laundry. Along the way we will source the materials needed for your new laundry and implement a design that fits with new or existing appliances. Choose Budget Renovation from start to the finish of your laundry renovation process.


Our laundry renovations services include:

●     Laundry design and consultation

●     Laundry renovation and remodelling

●     Existing laundry removal

●     Small laundry makeover

     New Laundry installation

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