Landscaping & Fencing

Whether you need a new gate, garden path, fencing upgrade or other landscaping work. Budget Renovations has your outdoor project covered.

Budget Renovation will take the load out of your landscaping work. Our team of renovation experts will help you to design and construct an outdoor area on your property that you will love. Making improvements to your landscaping, and building high-quality fencing solutions. We will work within your budget to make improvements to your property. Helping you with landscaping from the early design phases to the completion of your property.


Our team of landscaping and fencing experts will help with outdoor improvements such as: 

    Fencing and Gates

    Driveways and Paths

    Gardening, Planting and Garden design

    Outdoor Lighting

    Building Rainwater systems

    Creating outdoor kitchens and rooms

    Retaining Walls

    Lawn Replacement

    Property Maintenance and Cleaning

    Pergola installation and Decking


Landscaping Work

No outdoor project is too big or too small for Budget Renovation. If you have a cost criteria in mind for your landscaping makeover our team will work to construct and complete an outdoor space that you will love. Adding value and visual appeal to your property. 

We will work with you closely to create a garden space of your dreams. Improving sections of your property or the entire outdoors. By planting, adding garden features, adding social spaces and more. No matter how big or small your space might be, maximizing it so that you can enjoy your outdoor environment is key to owning a property that you love to own.


Budget Renovation Landscaping Process 


     An excellent outdoor design starts with the design work. The team at Budget Renovation will map out your outdoor space, offering different landscaping solutions in different zones. From there we can offer concepts for your designed outdoor renovations.

     Once you have decided on your desired design, we will work out a timeline of work. Methodically working through each section of your property to create the ideal outdoor space for you.

     Our team can implement larger landscaping work such as driveways, pathways, swimming pools and garden structures to immediately enhance the convenience and usability of your property.

     We will then develop your garden space, to create a manageable and pristine landscaping design. Whether you prefer a low-maintenance garden or a flourishing space, our experts can advise you on what will work well for your landscaping and gardening needs.

     Focused on your budget, Budget Renovation will make sure your landscaping vision is both affordable and completed to an excellent standard of workmanship. 


Fencing with Budget Renovation

Whether you need a new gate put in, a redesign of your fencing layout or if you need to upgrade the fencing on your property. Budget Renovation has your Fencing requirements sorted. We can offer design ideas, install fencing on your property and assist with fencing at any location in Auckland. 


Need Fencing inspiration? Budget Renovation can help with…

     Standard Property Fencing and Gates

     Deck and Safety Railing


     Garden Archways

●   Rural Fencing

     Commercial Fencing Solutions

     Security fencing and surveillance attachments

     Pool and Water Feature Fencing


Contact the team at Budget Renovation today, to discuss your landscaping or fencing needs!

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