Toilet Renovation

Replacing your toilet requires skilled experts for quick and high-quality service

Toilet Renovation


If you are in need of a new toilet or the repair of an existing toilet, Budget Renovation will help you out! Our expert team of renovation professionals can assess and improve your toilet. Helping to remove and upgrade an existing toilet, including plumbing and any additional flooring. We will help you choose a new toilet to replace an existing toilet or evaluate the budget required for repair OR replacement of your existing toilet. Help fix any toilet and plumbing issues and improve your toilet space with an affordable solution. 


Should I replace or repair my existing toilet?


In many cases it is more logical to replace an existing broken toilet, rather than repair. Your toilet is a high-use space, a small amount of damage can quickly become a larger and more costly issue. In addition to these things, noticeable damages such as stains or a continuous leak can be irritating for a homeowner and noticeable for guests in your home. A new toilet often comes with a warranty and will offer a more comfortable product in an area of the home that is frequently used. Many of the parts of a toilet can also be quite expensive to replace, as many homeowners choose to replace rather than seek an expensive part, that means the cost of the repair is similar to the projected cost of replacement. 


Budget Renovation can help to assess the damage on your existing toilet and will discuss with you the costs involved with both replacing and repairing any damage.


What is the Benefit of a New Toilet? 

     A new toilet creates added comfort to a high use room in your home or rental property.

     Many modern toilets are designed with higher quality products that ensure your toilet lasts longer. 

     Fitted toilet lids avoid the old sliding issues that exist in plastic toilet lids.

     Your toilet will be plumbed with its back in the wall of the bathroom, discreetly hiding the pipes/plumbing that are obvious in older homes.

     Added comfort and hygiene


If you have a single toilet and wish to add a sink unit. Or if you have additional renovations in your bathroom Budget Renovation can help you out. We will help with any additional bathroom improvement needs after completing your toilet replacement, and can offer a design and quote for future bathroom renovation to accompany your toilet improvement. 


Our team will remove and replace your existing toilet, evaluating any flooring or plumbing requirement that should be considered in the replacement process. 


We will remove your old toilet and plumb in your new toilet, with added plumbing maintenance services if requested. We can also plumb in additional units if required. 


We offer a repair and maintenance service for your existing toilet.


Looking to replace your old toilet? Make sure to talk to the team at Budget Renovation.

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